Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock - Nintendo Wii


Rock with the ultimate music rhythm game - Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock! Developed by Neversoft and published by Activision, this game is the third main installment in the Guitar Hero series and is widely considered a classic among fans of music. Find out more

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Introducing Guitar Hero III : Legends of Rock for Nintendo Wii!

Unleash your inner rock star and experience the thrill of performing in front of a roaring crowd. This epic game takes you on an unforgettable journey through the annals of rock history, where you'll encounter legendary musicians and iconic venues. With an intuitive gameplay interface specifically designed for the Nintendo Wii, Guitar Hero III lets you master the art of shredding like never before.

Armed with a wireless guitar controller, you'll feel every note as you strum along to over 70 mind-blowing tracks from rock gods such as Guns N' Roses, Metallica, and Aerosmith. Featuring a wide range of game modes, including single-player career mode, multiplayer battles, and cooperative challenges, Guitar Hero III offers endless hours of entertainment for both seasoned rockers and aspiring musicians.

Compete against friends or team up to conquer the stage together, creating unforgettable moments of rock greatness. The Nintendo Wii version of Guitar Hero III brings a unique twist to the game, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the music. Shake the Wii Remote to activate star power and watch as your virtual character becomes an electrifying force on stage. The Wii's motion-sensitive controls add an extra layer of excitement to every performance, making you feel like a true rock legend.

Unleash Your Inner Rockstar with Guitar Hero III: An Ultimate Music Gaming Experience

Get ready to rock out like never before with Guitar Hero III:

Whether you're a fan of classic hits or modern anthems, this game is sure to ignite your passion for music and provide endless hours of fun for players of all ages. So grab your guitar controller and get ready to take center stage – it's time to become a true legend of rock!

With over 70 mind-blowing tracks, multiplayer battles, and cooperative challenges, Guitar Hero III guarantees endless hours of entertainment. Featuring iconic rock legends and a variety of gameplay modes, this game is a must-have for music lovers and gaming enthusiasts alike. With its immersive and addictive gameplay, Guitar Hero III will have players rocking out like never before.

Its captivating and addictive gameplay guarantees an unparalleled rocking experience. With a wide range of songs and challenging levels, players can unleash their inner rockstar. The game's impressive graphics and realistic guitar controller make it feel like you're actually playing in a concert.

Become a Rock Star in Epic Nintendo Wii Music Game

Rock out to your favorite tunes and prove your skills as you rise to stardom in this epic music game for the Nintendo Wii. Immerse yourself in the world of rock and roll, shredding on your virtual guitar to hit all the right notes. Challenge yourself with iconic songs and face off against legendary rock stars in thrilling multiplayer battles.

Experience the exhilaration of becoming a Guitar Hero, mastering epic solos and rocking out to an electrifying soundtrack. Get ready to be captivated by the addictive gameplay and unforgettable musical journey. Embark on an epic adventure through the world of rock and roll, as you take on the role of a legendary guitar hero.

Master the art of shredding and strumming on your trusty guitar controller to the beat of iconic songs from rock history. Prove your skills and rise to fame by battling against virtual rockstars in electrifying multiplayer modes.

Become a Legend in Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock on Nintendo Wii

Take on virtual rockstars in thrilling multiplayer modes, proving your skills and climbing your way to fame. Join the ultimate music battle on the Nintendo Wii, facing off against virtual rockstars and showcasing your talents to become a legend. Experience heart-pounding multiplayer action in Guitar Hero III:

Legends of Rock, as you strive to reach new heights of stardom.

Legends of Rock, unleash your skills and engage in intense multiplayer battles that will push you to reach new levels of fame.

Engage in epic guitar battles and show off your talent to become a legend in the world of rock. Push yourself to the limit and conquer every challenge in this exhilarating game for Nintendo Wii.

Embrace the Thrill: Push Your Limits and Conquer Challenges in the Virtual World

Test your skills, push your limits, and conquer every exhilarating challenge that comes your way. Challenge yourself, push boundaries, and overcome every thrilling obstacle you encounter.

Conquer the virtual stage, master intricate notes, and become the ultimate rock god. Unleash your inner rockstar as you dominate the virtual stage, mastering intricate notes and riffs with precision.

Rise to legendary status in Guitar Hero III:

Legends of Rock for the Nintendo Wii, where you can live out your wildest rock and roll fantasies.

Become a Rockstar: Exploring Features and Challenges in Guitar Hero Game

Unlock new venues, guitars, and outfits as you rise to fame and become a true Guitar Hero. Immerse yourself in the electrifying atmosphere of sold-out concerts and feel the adrenaline rush as you hit every note with precision. Challenge your friends to multiplayer mode and see who can achieve the highest score and become the ultimate Guitar Hero.


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  • Manufacturer : Activision Inc.
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