LOVE AT FIRST STING (50th Αnniversary): 2CD/DVD-Video


The Scorpions are one of the most iconic hard rock and heavy metal bands in history, and their ninth studio album "Love at First Sting" is a true testament to their musical talent. Find out more

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The Scorpions, one of Germany's most successful hard rock and glam metal bands, spent several years refining their sound until they got it right with their ninth full-length album, "Love At First Sting," released in 1984. This album is a milestone in the history of hard rock and glam metal, managing to balance the right amount of hard rock energy with a unique melodic edge. The album is filled with memorable pop-like hooks that are driven home into your memory bank. The passionate clean vocals of frontman Klaus Meine are truly top-notch and combined with exceptional instrumental playing from guitarists Matthias Jabs and Rudolf Schenker, it is no surprise that they are one of metal's earliest and best six-string teams.

The album's hit lead single "Rock You Like A Hurricane" is a true anthemic and ultra-infectious number that has become The Scorpions' most universally-known song. Its unforgettable choruses and Rob Halford-like vocal hooks played a large part in this role. The fiery and shred-happy soloing on the track also helped it to become one of the standard-bearing party metal rockers of the Eighties, standing alongside AC/DC's best works.

Other standouts on the album include the strong and powerful set opener "Bad Boys Running Wild," which is underpinned by catchy, galloping guitar hooks and pyrotechnic soloing with a round of strong, beeping, and grumbling bass lines. "Coming Home" is a mix of strings and all rock balladry and raucously hard-rocking and propulsive heavy rocker, with muscular, bottom-heavy bass grumbles, deftly up-tempo guitar leads, and fiery, screaming solos, rivaling "Rock You Like A Hurricane" for being the set's pinnacle. "I'm Leaving You" boasts miles more twiddly, mazy, and thus really memorable soloing, while "The Same Thrill" is a surprisingly blistering, near Judas Priest-y speed metal-esque romp. Finally, "Still Loving You" is a soaring, laid-back, and almost ethereal-sounding Iron Maiden-ish tear-jerking power ballad that closes out the album.

While "Love At First Sting" may not be groundbreaking or thoroughly remarkable, it is an enjoyable glam metal and hard rock record that is hard to beat. This CD/DVD pack celebrates the album's 50th anniversary and is a must-have for fans of The Scorpions and 80s rock music.

The DVD features a live concert from 1984, capturing the band's energy and musicianship during their peak.


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