Song Haus Music

Song Haus Music is a record label owned and operated by rock enthusiast Dane Spencer. The label has earned a reputation for rescuing hard-to-find or unreleased music from the vaults of major labels and putting them in the hands of music lovers where they rightfully belong. Song Haus Music has two major initiatives - Rewind and Aeria.

Rewind is dedicated to reissuing classic rock albums of the 1970s and 80s, as well as previously unreleased works from bands recorded during the same time frame. The label acquires the rights and does a complete overhaul of these albums, which includes digital remastering, extensive liner notes, photos, and memorabilia.

Aeria represents a new force in progressive rock. This division of Song Haus Music offers creative music by new and established artists, and works to expose quality progressive music to new audiences. The label aims to build careers over a period of time, allowing artists to develop at their own pace. This philosophy, which started in the 1970s, has been largely replaced by the lure of the almighty dollar in the music industry.

In this issue, we review four classic albums from Song Haus Music. First up is Thrills’ 3, the previously unreleased album from the legendary New York band. The 10 tracks are laced with power keyboards and slick harmonies, each with a memorable chorus. Hailing from Canada, Stonebolt recorded four albums in the span of a decade. Their ‘best of’ effort Regeneration has been organized for the first time, with three added tunes by the reformed five-piece. The sound is crisp and punchy, highlighting their chart-topping hit I Will Still Love You.

Stan Bush’s self-titled debut, originally released in 1983, has been among the most sought-after CD reissues in years. Bush’s ability to wield a tasty hook and melodic chorus gained him some radio prominence and moved his country/rock fan base more into FM territory. Finally, Britton’s Alien Romper Room is the brainchild of Michael Britton, with the whole band getting the job done. The album serves up a platter of hardy hooks and chunky riffs, but the surprise is the well-rounded and dynamic song Destiny Finds Us.

All of these CDs can be found at your local CD shops and online from NEH Records, CDNow, CD Universe, or CD Connection. Song Haus Music is a label that is dedicated to preserving classic and progressive rock music, and introducing new audiences to the genre. With its commitment to quality music and building careers over time, Song Haus Music is a label to keep an eye on.

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