Thunder Express

Thunder Express is the brainchild of Robert Dahlqvist, lead guitarist of the Hellacopters, who took a hiatus from his day job to record his own pet project. The album is heavily influenced by Detroit’s MC5 and has a classic Rolling Stones feel, with ten tracks of pure rock ‘n roll. Although not too dissimilar from his parent band, Thunder Express provides an open field of amped-up freedom and personal mic time. Dahlqvist’s house band includes respected musicians from Soundtrack Of Our Lives and the Diamond Dogs, among others. His mid-range baritone voice may be an acquired taste for some, but his lyrics are sung with conviction and passion. Dahlqvist’s compositions are drawn from his love of bands such as the Faces, ZZ Top, and J. Geils. Thunder Express was named after the MC5 song, and the album will be an ongoing side project. The album’s lead track, “Off I Go,” has a Slade-type anthem feel to it, with full-tilt guitars ripping into the song. Thunder Express provides a deeply personal direction for Dahlqvist, with a mix of country, retro pop-garage rock hooks, and even a rapture of the blues. In the interview, Dahlqvist reveals his musical influences from Cheap Trick to Freddie King, and his future plans with Thunder Express and the Hellacopters.

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